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I studied art and design at art school and opened my interior design practice in the late Eighties. I have worked on many different types of properties over the years and always strive to achieve interiors that are contemporary and timeless.

I never try to impose designs on clients, although I do feel the best working relationships between designer and client are those where the client is willing to trust the designer's judgement. I describe my style as pared-down, modern and open to innovation.

I believe in sustainable, long lasting design and try to be as eco-friendly as possible. I like natural materials such as wood and some stones, but I'm also very open to using new materials and finishes in my work, where appropriate. I think it's important to be open to change and to embrace the fact that styles evolve.

If there is one thing I'm a stickler for, it is good lighting and I always stress to clients its importance in interior design. Bad lighting ruins homes. You need to layer your lighting and be able to dim it. Single bulbs hanging from the ceiling covered by paper shades, supplemented by a cheap lamp in the corner of a room, are the stuff of the Dark Ages, in my opinion.


We are a London based design firm specialising in Contemporary and Modern Classic Interior Design. The practice is headed by Paul Warren, a highly creative and talented designer with many years’ experience working with his clients on their London houses and flats as well as country residences and properties abroad.

We are happy to undertake both large and small projects - from complete house refurbishments to the design and decoration of individual rooms.

As well as creating attractive living spaces for our clients, we can design and produce bespoke furniture, originate tailor-made kitchen and bathroom layouts and conceive lighting schemes that enhance the atmosphere of any space. We are also able to source fine art and decorative objects to complement and put the finishing touch to the interior scheme.

Over the years we have built long term relationships with an exclusive group of expert craftspeople, technicians and trade professionals to ensure that all our work is completed to a high standard.